Dancers Demonstrate Creative Vision in Dancers/Dance-Makers

Six dancers from the Boston Ballet presented original choreographed works in early October, opening the year’s BB@home series. For four of them, Dancers/Dance-Makers was their choreographic debut, and each one left me impressed.

Seven All-Time Favorite Pas de Deux

What makes a pas de deux great? Is it the choreography, the dancers, the story, the music? To be sure, it’s a combination of all these factors, and many beautiful pas have been choreographed in the history of ballet. But taking stock of them all, seven stand out to The Boston Dance Journal as exceptionally memorable.

Dancers as Choreographers for BB@home

“I’m looking for honesty in this moment,” says Paulo Arrais, a Boston Ballet principal dancer who’s choreographing a ballet for this weekend’s BB@home, Dancer/Dance-Makers. On his knee, Mr. Arrais looks to the ground as if it’s a mirror, one hand delicately on his face. “Use your life experiences to make something special,” he tells his four dancers, who are now on their knees emulating their director.

Boston Ballet School to Host Newton Grand Opening, Sept. 6th

On Wednesday, Sept. 6th, the Boston Ballet School inaugurates a new age of dance in Newton with a full day of events to mark the grand opening of the newly constructed Newton Nexus complex. All events will be free and open to the public.

A New Roster for Boston Ballet

When Boston Ballet returned to the studio for its 2017–18 season today, the Company welcomed 13 new dancers to its ranks. Seven join the main company, and six join Boston Ballet’s second company, Boston Ballet II (BBII). As the season begins, nine Boston Ballet dancers have also been promoted, including three new principal dancers.

Artist Profile: Carolyn Lippert, American Ballet Theatre

As ballet students, we always admired Carolyn Lippert. Her sense of musicality and movement stood out in a sea of young bunheads, and her grace extended down to her fingertips. An aptitude for ballet is in Carolyn’s blood (her mother Carla Stallings-Lippert, our teacher, was a soloist with the American Ballet Theatre and a principal with Boston Ballet),...

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